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ADAM LAMB is cofounder and CEO of SizeSlim Supplements, a sports nutrition company, and cofounder of an elite men’s health clinic focused on lifestyle optimization. A health enthusiast, entrepreneur, and devoted family man, Adam took the same drive that enabled him to become a competitive bodybuilder and to successfully run two companies and then channeled it into his commitment to quit drinking on his quest to a “next level” lifestyle.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Alcohol as a Social Obligation

“Alcohol is everywhere. We as a society are so comfortable with it, drinking is an unspoken rite of passage, even for underage people. We grow up seeing alcohol as a social habit, and even an obligation. Whether you’re tailgating, going to college parties, or attending a birthday party, alcohol is all around us and an expected part of social interaction, and I think that’s a serious problem.

Chapter 2: Alcohol as a Crutch

Take the edge off. Liquid courage. Grab a beer and unwind. We’ve all heard alcohol described as an antidote for stress. Some people drink sparingly, but when a person drinks regularly to deal with anxiety, it becomes something they need; a crutch. They weaken their coping abilities until they need alcohol as a supplement just to function. So, why do we use alcohol as a crutch? It seems like an appealing choice — and is challenging to resist — for two reasons: you have external pressures and internal pressures encouraging you to drink.

Chapter 3: Why I Quit

When you decide to quit drinking, you need to have a strong “why.” Your “why” is what’s going to keep you motivated when something or someone challenges your resolve, or when the challenge loses its excitement. The “why” is the difference between people seeing their goals through and giving up.

Chapter 4: How I Quit

The hardest part of quitting for me was the word “forever.” Generally speaking, I don’t want most things to last forever. It took me a long time before I felt comfortable and happy with the concept of being married forever. Then when I had children, I had another moment of growth when I realized, these are my kids, forever. Growing older chipped away at the intimidation factor of long-term commitment—especially positive commitment.

Chapter 5: How You Can Quit, Too

Motivation is critical to quitting, so ask yourself: how badly do you want to give up drinking? Are you serious about the commitment or is it just an idea you’d like to try? How much thought have you given the decision? In general, we tend to be more externally focused on things like our smartphones, television, the news, politics, and other distractions. We have a million things in our day-to-day lives that steal our attention and keep our brains too busy for introspection. It’s easy to miss potential points of self-improvement, but a life-altering change like giving up alcohol requires gaining perspective on your life and taking some time to focus on yourself.

Chapter 6: New Habits, New Life

Thinking back on those first thirty days of quitting, they were terrifying. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull through it if I cheated and tried to cut down on my drinking — I had to stop completely. Based on my personality, I also knew quitting wasn’t something I would “just try out” or do for a month before reverting. There was no undoing the realization that prompted me to quit in the first place: drinking didn’t serve me. I had no reason to ever go back to my old ways.

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