You think its hard not drinking socially? These celebrities do it!

As a society probably too often I think we cling to what celebrities are wearing, driving, dining, and even a few things they shouldn’t be doing. When researching the celebrities that do not consume alcohol I was surprised.

The social obligation to partake in “having a drink” can be challenging. Sometimes can look like an obstacle that almost seems impossible to navigate without feeling like a total outcast. It is however inspiring to see this list of folks that have decided to eliminate alcohol from their life and be better than the binge. At first I was surprised to see names on the list like:

Kendrick Lamar, Kim Kardashian, Bradley Cooper, and even my man 50 Cent
Check out the full list of in this article on celebrities that do not drink alcohol and the majority of them chose not to so that they can stay on top of their game. Overcoming the social obligation of alcohol can be challenging, but all of them did it and if you want to, so can you!